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Artist. Creator. Visionary.

Welcome to the portfolio of Serene Art. Each piece I create has it's own uniqueness, no two pieces are identical. I create my art/jewelry pieces from various materials such as 5-7 thousand year old ancient bog oak wood from the Fens (aka Fenlands) a coastal plain in Eastern England from trees that fell thousands of years ago that were buried and preserved in peat bogs. They lay beneath the surface, undisturbed in the acidic bog conditions, until the fens began to be drained. Then, as the peat dried out and shrank, the tree trunks became gradually closer to the surface of the soil. My stones are only native to Ireland which I handpicked from the lakeshores of certain areas. I also use copper as it compliments the dark bog oak very well, and several other materials including shells, glass and slate all of which are presented on sterling silver.

"As the waves gently crash onto the lonely shore, all I ask is a brisk windy day that will carry me safely home, into the arms of my one true love so I can feel her breath once more." David Swan

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All About Serene Art/Jewelry

Hello, my name is David Swan, I'm an Irish born artist living here in Lowell, MA with my beautiful wife Catherine. I'd like to thank you for visiting my website

On here you will find some beautiful pieces of my own handmade unique one-of-a-kind art/jewelry as well as other fine artisan handcrafted sterling silver & genuine gemstone and Celtic pieces 

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